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Calixto System’s System On Modules are widely used for different type of protocol converter devices. Adding to the SOM’s capability with rich wired and wireless connectivity interfaces make Gateway solutions for IoT and Automation.

Our expertise with connectivity solution such as BLE, WiFi, RFID, NFC, Zigbee, SubGhz, LoRa, 2/3/4G makes us to turn around solutions for IoT and Automation in very less time and budget.

These platforms are also very power efficient, and has rich set of peripherals for security, storage etc.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a standardised digital protocol for dimming. DALI is supported by the major manufacturers within the lighting industry.

DALI uses a single multi-core cable through which a duplex digital signal is transferred between all units in the system. Connected HF-ballasts, control panels, sensors, and the programming units communicate with each other.

The DALI-system is very flexible and future-proof as any change to the design of the premises or usage, results only in the need to reprogram the settings. Generally, the cabling does not need to be changed.

Calixto System’s DALI controller is a compact DIN rail mountable DALI Lighting control module which enables to send scene selection command to DALI nodes and controls up to 16 scenes/groups.

Communication interface is RS485 and MODBUS. The DALI controller complies with standard DALI protocol and supports both ways of communication.

DSC-MQTT Bridge is an interface that allows DSC PowerSeries security systems to be controlled from any mobile or web application and to be easily integrated into the automation systems that support MQTT protocol.

Supported DSC Power Series pannels are PC585, PC1555MX, PC1565, PC5005, PC5010, PC5015, PC5020, PC1616, PC1808, PC1832, PC1864.

GRMS solution is a scalable platform from simple Energy Saver to complete guest comfort management system. Room Control Unit, controller part of the systems is capable of controlling different appliances in a room based on various scenarios set as well taking inputs from switches and sensors.

RCU has both wired and wireless connectivity option to interfaces with Actuators and control elements such as Switches and Tabs. Lighting control is mainly based on ON/OFF and Dimming method, where as IR Blasters or FCU interface units are supported to control Air-conditioning system.

RCUs are capable of pushing data between PMS systems to further improve overall management.

Calixto Systems Energy management solution include Intelligent Gateway Controller for managing and optimising power usage by devices such as lights, HVAC, Motor etc. Cloud connectivity for remote control and viewing the trends of sensors are added benefits of the system.

Configurable Input modules help the Intelligent Controller to sense ambient conditions . Output modules includes ON/OFF, Leading/Trailing edge Dimmer, DALI control and 0-10V analog control for controlling luminaries. HVAC control is achieved by direct Fan Coil interface or using protocols such as BACnet IP/ MSTP.

Ambient light, Temperature, Occupancy and Motion sensing are main sensor system. Magnetic sensors are also supported mainly to detect vehicle presence for Parking and Gas station Bay based control. Intelligent Gateway Controller does the energy management based on sensor input as well as programmed schedule. Real Time Energy monitoring is possible by any MODBUS compliant Energy meters. Hybrid inverter management helps utilization of power from multiple sources depending on availability and rate such as Solar.

Application includes Building, Parking, GAS Station, Warehouse automation.

MDT platform are implemented with rich connectivity and display capability. Devices have GPS to get coordinate of the vehicle, both for displaying and updating the map and informing the connected server about the location.

MDT’s with 3G/4G option allows the riders to use built-in WiFi hotspot facility. While one of the main purpose of the device is metering, it can also give location based information to rider.

MDT can be easy interfaced with OBD interface of the vehicle to monitor various parameters.

Calixto Systems Smart City solution include Connectivity platforms for Transportation, Waste Management, Smart Street lights, Home Automation, Remote monitoring and control devices.

Smart Street light is one of the key part of the system with most of the intelligent elements built-in. While the street light part is enabled with schedule and ambient based control, the installation is also capable of reporting luminary conditions, energy usage, tampering alerts etc.

Home Automation solutions address Energy saving, Quality of life and Security aspects using a combination of modular devices that is easy to configure. Connectivity of wearable healthcare devices to the Automation controller enable welfare of elderly and patients.

Tracking systems and Sensors are key part of Transportation and Waste Management. Some of these devices use the intelligent part of Smart Street light to network with servers.


Sep 10th 2020 :Calixto Systems announces availability of i.MX NXP ARM® IMX6ULL processor-based Versa SOM and Evaluation Boards. A 200 pin SODIMM module contains 256/512/1024MB DDRIII, 4/8GB eMMC and Ethernet PHY. Product is targeted for Handheld devices, IIoT/IoT Gateways, and HMI Applications.

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